CSI01-S is E-drum or postpaid static kWh meter that meets SPLN D3.005-1:2008 standard that designed to be suited with Indonesia¬† tropical climate and temperature. CSI01-S can detect abnormal current using dual-sensor for current in kWh meter’s Main and Neutral line. CSI01-S equipped with memory as a backup if there are anomalies with counter display and can be downloaded using software.


  • RS232 communication port;
  • Meets IEC 62053-21;
  • Meets SPLN D3.005-1:2008;
  • EMC Compatibility;
  • Up-to-date design guaranteed reliability;
  • Anti Tampering mechanism;
  • LED indicators(Power, Impulse, and Tamper);
  • Detect and protect from magnetic induction till 500mT;