PT Citra Sanxing Indonesia

Established in June 2011, PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia (CSI) is a professional Electric Meters (kWh meter) manufacturing company which has dedicated its vision to research and development as well as innovation for measurement device with International standards.

In 2016, Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co. Ltd. (a company that focuses on research and development, production and sales of energy meters, smart power distribution devices, charger stations for electric vehicles, solar energy and other products) made an acquisition or joint venture with PT Citra Sanxing Indonesia. By this collaboration, PT Citra Sanxing Indonesia is committed to offers accurate measuring product as well as providing professional support through its services to users.

Currently, PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia has morethan 200 employees spread across from head office in Jakarta and also in a 3,150 m2 factory. Up to 2020, CSI has distributed approximately 7 million kWh meters through PLN that is spread across various regions in Indonesia.


  • To become a leading electronic measuring instruments for water, electricity, and gas manufacturer
  • To have a sustainable innovation in order to contributes the development of the relevant industry in Indonesia that offers the best and updated technologies
  • To maintain & develop the main business of PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia through the possible positive partnership with other countries.


  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction by providing the best quality of measuring products
  • Keep providing creative ideas to develop market leading designs and technologies for the product
  • Providing maximum satisfaction to all stakeholders
  • To have a solid and stable collaboration with PLN to provide and maintain the best quality electric meter measurement
  • Continue to innovate and empower local expert workers in contributing to improving the quality of local human resources and related industries


Under Citra Group, PT Citra Sanxing Indonesia estabilished and build electric kWh meter manufacture.

As part of State Electricity Company (PLN) partner, entrusted to supplied 75.000 units/month kWh meter.

PT Citra Sanxing Indonesia undertook joint venture with Ningbo Sanxing Electric Co. Ltd.

Certified with ISO 14001 and 45001 for production infrastructure and testing tools.

Addition of robot technology production line and released modem 4G CSI-21-S and postpaid kWh meter CSI-01-S

Released CSI-11P based on newest State Electicity Company’s Standart (SPLN) and addition of laser welding machine.

Released CSI-21P, a 4G modem, and CSI-12, a 1 Phase AMI kWh meter.Addition of 3 Phase test bench.

Released CSI-31 and CSI-32, a 3 Phase AMI kWh meter, CSI-41, a DCU (Data Concentrator Unit), and designed mini HES (Head-End System).

Released CSI-31 and CSI-32, a 3 Phase AMI kWh meter, CSI-41, a DCU (Data Concentrator Unit), and designed mini HES (Head-End System).

Research and Development

Following the rapid development of technology, with full commitment and innovation flexibility, PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia hand in hand with Sanxing China continue to carry out research and development to continue in producing the best Electric Meter Measuring Products by using high quality and environmentally friendly materials. In support, skilled workforce is needed in order to backing the research and development.

Sanxing China itself has commited to place an annual investment budget for research and development of 5.7% from the turnover. Until current time, Sanxing China has more than 600 engineers. Sanxing also has 5,700 patents of which 13 have received major awards globally. In order to maintain the success in research and development, Sanxing has established a KAN certified laboratory as a leading company within the industry.

To keep improving and aligning with government programs related to local content for both material and research, in 2019 Ningbo Sanxing transferred knowledge in the Research and Development section to PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia hoping the research and development improvement can also be carried out in Indonesia. Hence, PT. Citra Sanxing Indonesia currently has its own Reasearch and Development department.

Quality Control

The goal of Quality Control from Sanxing Globally is to identify defects in products before move into the production stage which carried out by Incoming Quality Control, identifying products in production or semi-finished goods carried out by Inprocess Quality Control and finished goods before delivered to the consumers carried out by Outgoing Quality Control. Zero defects are implemented starting from the selection process of basic materials, the process through various checking process and the manufacturing itself. This method is applied to achieve 100% satisfaction from the quality of the product provided to consumers or users.