CSI-11P is static prepaid kWh meter that meets SPLN D3.009-1:2020 standard and its up-to date amendment. Its designed to suit Indonesia tropical climate and using best material for such environment. CSI-11P passed the aging test and can be reprogrammed such as reprogrammed Energy Limiter in limited power source.


  • Safe data transfer using 20-digits STS encryption;
  • Simple and user-friendly interface;
  • Adjutsable energy limiter using function token;
  • Recall untuk token terakhir dengan kode singkat Indikasi LED(???)
  • Anti-tampering mechanism and able to detect attempted tampering or installation error (such as leakage current, electrical backflow, and reverse polarity);
  • audible feedback keypad;
  • Optical communication port;
  • Meets IEC 62053-21 and SPLN D3.009-1:2020 standard;
  • EMC Compatible;
  • Up-to date design to guarantee reliability;
  • Low Credit Management with buzzer as alarm;
  • Detect and protect magnetic induction up to 500mT;
  • Energy limiter mode come with power limit, energy limit, timer reset, RTC, Multi-level Authentication, and special shortcode;
  • Can be operated as Prepaid energy limiter or a postpaid energy limiter.