CSI-31 is static postpaid kWh meter for 3 phase that meets SPLN D3.006:2021 and SPLN D3.006-2:2022 standard. Its designed to suit Indonesia tropical climate. CSI-31 also already passed aging test and guaranted to keep its realibilty in its best performance.


  • Using DLMS protocol;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • LCD display can show information automatically and/or manually;
  • Responsive towards alarm and tampering;
  • Optic communication port;
  • Meets IEC 62053-21, SPLN D3.006:2021 dan SPLN D3.006-2″2022;
  • Detect and protect from magnetic induction up-to 500mT;
  • Have battery and super capacitor as back-up power supply;
  • Have compartment for communication modul;
  • Supports 3 active energy measurement methods;
  • Adjustable push data;
  • Can save history logs, load profile, and instant profile.