Sanxing concentrator is a smart concentrator for smart meter and AMI system. The basic functon of data concentrator is to collect data, including profile data and event, from meter and deliver the data to master station. The data can also be store in data concentrator for later requested by master station.


  • Comply with multple communicaition channel, GPRS/3G/PLC/RF/ZigBee.
  • Modular designed in both hardware and sotiware. This makes introducing new technology and protocol easily and flexibly in the future.
  • Advanced ARM9 hardware module, powered by LINUX embedded operating system.
  • Secure communicaton. The connecion between master statition and data concentrator is encrypted.
  • Mass storage which can storage daily frozen data for one year for one thousand meters.
  • Mult-channel reading. One data concentrator can reading residenitial meter, business meter and transformer meter.
  • WEB service for data reading and parameter seting.
  • Auto-discover meter, meter event active report.
  • Reading meter’s monthly/daily frozen data, profile data and events. The reading schedule can be configured by customer.
  • Measuring voltage,current, power and energy.